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Posted: 1/10/2020
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In the more than 100 years since its founding, AACSB has become the premier global nonprofit membership organization serving educational institutions, businesses, and other entities devoted to the advancement of business and management education. The mission of AACSB is to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education. AACSB serves as a connector and convener as it strives to continuously improve engagement among institutions, business, faculty, academia, and students so that business education is aligned with business practice.

AACSB has more than 1,700 member organizations, representing over 100 countries and territories that support excellence in business education. AACSB members include educational institutions offering business programs as well as corporate, nonprofit, and public sector organizations that desire to connect with and/or support business education worldwide.

AACSB provides members with a wide range of products and services to assist them with the continuous improvement of their business and accounting programs.  AACSB’s products and services include:


  • Accreditation. AACSB is the premier business school and supplemental accounting program accreditation credential in the world.  The process of accreditation is separate from membership and occurs only after meeting a rigorous set of accreditation standards.  Achieving AACSB Accreditation follows a process of rigorous internal and external review, evaluation, and improvement, and can take several years to complete. During these years, the business school develops and implements a plan to meet AACSB's accreditation standards which require a high-quality teaching environment, impactful scholarship, innovative programming, and active engagement with industry.  Currently 862 institutions representing over 56 countries and territories hold AACSB Accreditation in business, of which 188 hold supplemental accreditation in accounting.

The Business Accreditation Task Force (BATF) has recently examined both the processes related to AACSB Business Accreditation, and the standards themselves, with an objective of supporting the primary strategic goal for AACSB Accreditation to be recognized worldwide as the premier mission-driven accreditation for business education, employing a peer review and principles-based methodology that leverages technology to streamline the accreditation process. The goal is for the Accreditation Council to vote on new standards at the April 2020 Annual Business Meeting at AACSB’s International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM).

  • Learning & Development.  Each year AACSB hosts more than 100 meetings and events that allow peers to connect with each other to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in business education. These Conferences, seminars, symposiums, webinars, and online courses provide global learning and development opportunities for business school education administrators and faculty.   These include the International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM), regional conferences on assessment, accreditation, and sustainability, and an annual Deans’ conference, among others.


  • Publications & Research. AACSB works to keep members abreast of emerging challenges and trends facing business education through publications such as the print and digital award-winning BizEd magazine, well as targeted research reports and topical briefings. Recent publications have included discussion of the future opportunities for business education, lifelong learning and artificial intelligence.  More broadly, AACSB plays an educational role in helping to inform students, parents, employers, and counselors about accreditation and how to choose a quality business degree program that will fit their needs.


  • Business Education Intelligence. Members gain access to one of the most comprehensive global databases on business schools in the world, including extensive information concerning enrollment trends, programs, faculty, operations, students, and financial information.


  • Branding/Engagement. Members have the opportunity to build their brand, invite collaboration, connect with current and potential clients, promote products and services, identify and seek talent, and more, by engaging with AACSB’s global audience through print and digital advertising, sponsorships, exhibits at one of AACSB’s world-class conferences, and the AACSB Career Connection.
  • Advocacy.  AACSB is dedicated to amplifying awareness for the value of business education and accreditation, while promoting the positive impact that business schools have on society.


With a commitment to Quality, Diversity and Inclusion, a Global Mindset, the Highest Ethical Standards, Social Responsibility, and Community which serve as the cornerstone of their values, AACSB seeks to provide the world with better leaders who have a positive impact on global prosperity.   To that end, AACSB rebranded in 2017 as a “connector and convener” to more broadly engage the higher education ecosystem and build strong connections among learners, business, educators, and business education stakeholders around the world.


AACSB has three global offices.  The headquarters for The Americas is located in Tampa, Florida and supports the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  The EMEA office in Amsterdam serves Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The Singapore office serves the Asia-Pacific region.  AACSB employs approximately 90 highly skilled, best in class staff members speaking over 20 languages and has an annual budget of $22M.  The work of AACSB is deployed through the contributions of hundreds of volunteers drawn from its members and comprised primarily of senior leaders from business schools and the business community.



During the last 20 years, AACSB has transitioned from a U.S. centric - to a global accreditation body, relocated its headquarters from St. Louis to Tampa, built high performing, talented professional staff, added offices in Singapore and Amsterdam, implemented two revisions of accreditation standards, broadened its membership services, formed alliances with other organizations in developing countries, and introduced a strong research and advocacy component.  AACSB enjoys a strong reputation among its constituents as a result of the organization’s commitment to customer focus and responsiveness.  In fact, the accreditation function received ISO certification in 2019. The organization follows a philosophy of continuous quality improvement and consistently identifies ways to measure its performance in achieving excellence.  Its volunteers and staff demonstrate strong loyalty and enthusiasm, a sense of common purpose, and a commitment to the mission that bodes well for AACSB’s future. 

At the same time, there are significant opportunities for continuing growth particularly in the Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.  The Leadership Team and Board provide direction in charting the future for AASCB by guiding strategic planning efforts that will build on the existing strengths of the organization and address several opportunities that have been identified by the membership and affiliated partners of AACSB.  While not exhaustive, these include:


  • Enhancing The Value Proposition. With the proliferation of accrediting agencies and membership organizations across the globe, AACSB strives to maintain its prestigious reputation as the premier accrediting body for business schools and accounting programs while identifying opportunities to strengthen the brand and distinguish its value to existing and potential new members.  As the recognized leader in the advancement of business education, opportunities abound for AACSB to expand its role through new program offerings, initiatives and services that are responsive to membership needs and guided by the changing landscape in business education.  It will be critical for the President & CEO to effectively articulate the value proposition and assist in guiding efforts to strengthen the brand and achieve AACSB’s mission of advancing quality business and management education in new markets where traditional accreditation may not be possible.


  • Expanding Global Reach and Influence. To maintain its relevance and reputation, AACSB must continue to cultivate a global mindset within the organization.  Growth markets are in Asia, Europe, and Latin America where new business schools are emerging at a rapid pace.  The organization has made significant progress in expanding from its American-centric roots, and it is critical that such momentum be sustained.  Global expansion will also require that AACSB has the adaptability to deal effectively with the various governance and programmatic models by which business education is delivered around the world.  The President & CEO should have relevant international experience and cultural competency to guide expansion efforts and foster a global mindset among staff.


  • Increasing Engagement of Corporate Partners and the Broader Business Community. In addition to member schools, AACSB engages with a number of business and nonprofit organizations that provide support, advice and counsel to the organization.  Through membership or strategic relationships, these organizations include corporations, professional services firms, publishers, professional societies, and a variety of other business-oriented entities.  AACSB values the contributions of these members and is eager to further engage them in the work of the organization in meaningful ways and to expand its business engagement globally. This is particularly important given the changing human capital needs of companies and organizations that hire business graduates.  Businesses provide a critical perspective to AACSB strategy and operations and provide the connection between business education and business practice.  The President & CEO will have the opportunity to develop initiatives to promote further engagement and to broaden the base of business engagement.


  • Providing Proactive Leadership Internationally on Business Education Issues:   AACSB is the driving force for conversations about the challenges and trends in business education globally.  AACSB’s Innovations Committee, has identified significant opportunities for business schools including:
    • Hubs of Lifelong Learning
    • Leaders on Leadership
    • Co-Creators of Knowledge
    • Catalysts for Innovation
    • Enablers of Global Prosperity

There are also challenges in business schools adapting to greater participation in non-degree programs, horizontal integration and vertical disintegration, the impact of technology in educational delivery systems, more open academic publishing, flipped classroom formats, vocational versus liberal learning paths, the changing face of the faculty, more diverse business curricula, and aligning the pace of curriculum development with pace of evolution in business practice.  These trends and others, such as the growing number of business educational options offered beyond accredited business schools, for-profit schools, and the ascendency of online or technology- enabled program deliveries, provide a platform for AACSB to be at the forefront in helping business schools and accounting programs deal with these challenges, as well as potentially influencing government organizations in other countries that control business education.  The President & CEO will ideally have experience both as an effective spokesperson as well as a thought leader and effective advocate.


  • Driving New Revenue Models. While the financial underpinnings of AACSB are healthy, a comprehensive assessment of the revenue model, fees, and product offerings and pricing is in order.  The objective is to ensure the sustainability of the organization long term, particularly in the face of growing competition and the changing needs of members.  As a significant portion of funding is derived from membership and accreditation, a review of potential new programs and services is timely, including digital delivery of seminars, that might enhance and/or diversify revenue streams while meeting the changing needs and demands of members as well as potential new partners.


  • Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness. AACSB employs a talented and committed staff whose work is held in high regard by constituents.   AACSB strives to ensure a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement.  The culture could be further nurtured through staff development, team building, improved communications, and further integration of the various functional units of the organization to achieve strategic goals.  Achieving the best from the strong human capital within AACSB will be critical in maintaining its premier status among organizations of its kind.


These opportunities create a significant short- and long-term agenda and require a leader of exceptional intellect, vision and global outlook, an organizational builder and team leader who listens well, communicates persuasively, and embraces the work of business education in a global environment.



A major opportunity on the horizon for the new President & CEO is to advance AACSB technology capabilities through a project designed to leverage and grow two existing assets—Business Education Intelligence and Accreditation—in ways that strengthen the uniqueness of AACSB’s value proposition vis-à-vis other accreditors, member organizations and data aggregators.


In the last five years, AACSB undertook a new branding exercise to increase awareness among business educators, employers and prospective business students.  Additionally, the organization has achieved impressive results through proactive public relations, social media and other efforts.  The new President & CEO will continue the current work to increase awareness and visibility of AACSB and the value of business education among the business community by reimagining our relationships with the business influencer segment (business and other organizations that desire to influence business education to produce learners who have the right knowledge, skills and abilities for a dynamic business environment).  This should position organization to:


  • Expand the reach and impact of the Business Education Alliance.
  • Increase member value by connecting educators with business to co-create and innovate.
  • Engage the world's most influential businesses to positively impact and transform business and business education.
  • Create new revenue streams to advance the AACSB mission and vision.



The President & CEO will provide leadership and operational oversight of AACSB’s $22 million annual budget and 90 professional staff in 3 offices across the globe.  S/he will be a visionary and engaging leader who will collaborate with the outstanding cadre of volunteers and professional staff to build on the strong legacy of the AACSB, while guiding the organization through its next phase of development, innovation and growth.  S/he will work in partnership with the Board of Directors on developing and implementing a coherent strategic plan that responds to the dynamic shifts impacting business education and ensures a vibrant future for the organization.


The President & CEO will serve as AACSB’s principal ambassador before myriad stakeholders globally, including members, businesses, other higher education nonprofit associations, business schools, the media, and other key external audiences in order to advance the mission and influence of the organization.  Working with the Board of Directors, s/he will effectively articulate AACSB’s core values and ensure programs and services provide a relevant value proposition for current and future members. S/he performs an active role in organizational advancement through membership growth and sustainable revenue generation. 


Specifically, the President & CEO is responsible for the following:


  • Strategic Direction. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, develops and executes a visionary strategic plan to ensure AACSB continues to drive a relevant value proposition that shapes emerging trends in business education globally.  Identifies opportunities for continued global expansion in countries where new business schools are maturing at a rapid pace and ensures AACSB programs are adaptable to the various governance and programmatic models by which business education is delivered around the world. 


  • Board Relations. Builds and maintains strong collaborative relationships with AACSB’s highly engaged and influential Board of Directors.  Acts as a servant leader, partnering with the Board of Directors to establish long range strategic focus on issues related to the future of business education. Ensures that the budget, staff, and priorities are aligned with the organization’s core mission and strategic priorities.


  • Spokesperson. Serves as the dynamic spokesperson and primary advocate for the organization before key audiences to communicate AACSB’s vision, strategy and priorities. Ensures that AASCB maintains high level of visibility in the community through media interviews, speeches, meetings, briefings and programs.  Operates with the highest level of integrity and represents AACSB as the leading accreditation organization globally with business schools, corporate partners, members, and other higher education associations.


  • External Relationships.   Develops strong working relationships with a wide-range of constituencies, in both the public and private sector, to build and support coalitions to advance the organization’s priorities for business education.  Actively engages and energizes AACSB volunteers, board members, event committees, partnering organizations, and supporters.


  • Membership Development and Revenue Generation.  Ensures AACSB offers a robust relevant, and unique value proposition to current and future members.  Identifies new sources of funding and implements a revenue generation strategy that allows for the creation of new and innovative services and products, while ensuring a sustainable financial future for the organization.


  • Organizational Leadership.  Engages, inspires, motivates, and serves AACSB’s professional staff globally.  Effectively attracts, mentors, engages, and retains exceptional talent to deliver on the vision and growth of the organization.  Fosters an environment of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement to ensure staff are empowered to help drive the mission and vision of the organization globally.


  • Operations. Provides operational leadership of the organization’s resources and implements long and short-range plans to achieve organizational priorities and ensure long-term fiscal health.  Develops a sound fiscal model that allows for continued international growth.  Leverages technology to better engage with members.  Oversees the formulation and execution of comprehensive marketing, branding and communication strategies that enhance the brand positioning and influence of AACSB globally.



AACSB seeks a renowned, well respected leader with experience in higher education, business, public service and/or nonprofits/associations, with demonstrated ability to develop and implement a visionary strategic plan to advance the organization’s mission and impact globally.  The ideal leader will have robust experience and passion for working with leaders in higher education, business, and other sectors, a strong commitment to standards of excellence as reflected in accreditation processes, and a global mindset that allows AACSB to expand its influence and cultivate deep engagement among current and prospective members worldwide.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 15 years of executive level leadership experience for a globally-focused organization with deep understanding and experience working in business education.  S/he will demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion with a proven track record for engaging teams with broad and wide-ranging backgrounds.  S/he will be a charismatic and engaging leader with the ability to gain consensus among high profile leaders from a variety of organizations, while inspiring collaboration and active participation in AACSB’s future growth.

Specific experience and qualifications will include:

  • Passion for AACSB’s mission and a strong commitment to advancing and advocating for the interests of the business education community worldwide.  Vision, intellect, and excellent judgement with ability to craft a long-range strategic plan that ensures a vibrant future where AACSB can continue to positively influence standards of excellence in business schools.
  • A vision for AACSB’s global potential, and a deep understanding of issues surrounding business education and the critical importance of accreditation in establishing standards of excellence around the world.
  • Cultural competence, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and ability to establish credibility to drive coalitions and partnerships with institutions, educators, students and businesses across the globe.
  • Experience partnering effectively with a highly influential Board of Directors in the development and execution of a strategic plan, with a commitment to transparency and open communication around the organization’s progress toward critical goals and objectives.
  • Exceptional gravitas, confidence, and stellar communications skills to serve as the principal external spokesperson for AACSB with international audiences.  The President & will be a passionate advocate for the mission and vision of AACSB, with an ability to build collaborative partnerships and open doors with other organizations, agencies, and educational institutions. A highly visible and respected partner within corporate and academic business settings. 
  • Excellent networking, interpersonal, relationship-building and influencing skills.  Demonstrated ability to relate well to business, community, and academic leaders and to work effectively with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • A servant leadership management style that is goal-oriented and respectful of the capabilities of staff members in accomplishing organizational objectives while providing them with a clear sense of direction.  Ability to attract and retain top caliber talent with a strong commitment to empowering and developing a high performing and diverse team to ensure cohesiveness around operational goals and objectives. 
  • Proven management, business, and financial acumen within a complex organization with multi-stakeholder environments.  Strong knowledge of business principals and proven experience leading organizational change. Track record for successfully leading and engaging several direct reports, a large staff, and budgetary responsibilities.
  • Successful generation of new sources of revenue, while managing an operating budget in a cost constrained environment. Persuasive abilities to promote the services and relevant value proposition of AACSB with current and prospective members, and other revenue sources.
  • Commitment to leveraging technology, social media, and other modes of digital communication that enhances engagement with members and dissemination of important research and data on emerging trends in business education.
  • Ability to travel extensively and easily globally
  • Operates with the highest level of integrity, intellectual agility, creativity and vision.  Nimble leadership with an openness to new ideas.  High energy, passionate, and a “can-do” attitude.



An advanced degree in business or related field (for candidates with academic experience, a doctorate in a business discipline is preferred).



A competitive compensation package will be made available to the qualified candidate



Lorraine Lavet - Senior Client Partner
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Ken Kring - Senior Client Partner
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Becky Graham - Senior Associate
(703) 761-7021

Emily Reda - Project Coordinator
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Korn/Ferry shall provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified candidates, and will refer candidates without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected basis.





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