Non-Executive Director

Req Number: FHQFMA
Location: Washington, DC
Posted: 6/18/2024
Category: Government/Not-For-Profit : Not-For-Profit
Job Type: Permanent

Vision & Mission

Arc’s vision is a world where money flows where it is needed to transition every sector and region to deliver climate goals, in line with the Paris Agreement.

Finance is critical to every climate action. Arc focuses on unlocking the private capital needed for a resilient climate future by ensuring that financial decision makers have the tools, analysis and skills they need to move money into the solutions.

By unlocking finance, we will drive corporate action – and greenhouse gas emissions reductions – in the real economy.

Arc’s work starts with understanding the state of play of the whole climate finance ecosystem. Our mapping of key areas, such as the fragmented landscape of climate data initiatives today, reality of capital flows or the uptake of climate methodologies, guides our grantmaking and capacity building activities – highlighting gaps and allowing us to prioritize interventions.

The tools, analysis and knowledge that Arc develops will be open and accessible to all financial decision makers. Our in-depth knowledge of the financial sector, combined with continuous dialogue and strategic workshops with practitioners, allow us to support them as they transition toward funding climate solutions.

Our mapping and analysis outputs will also serve as critical tools for climate finance stakeholders in the wider ecosystem, such as regulatory advocacy, campaigns against fossil fuel finance, and just-transition financing solutions in emerging markets. To this end, Arc aims to build strong relationships with organizations tackling the same challenges and strengthen the collective effort through sharing of resources and expertise.

Barriers to Action

We have identified the key barriers that are preventing financial decisions from aligning with climate needs at speed and scale.  

- A lack of science-based guidance (in the form of sector-specific frameworks, methodologies and standards) for climate-aligned investment decisions.
- Poor ‘information flows’ about what is happening and how that measures up against the scale of the challenge
- Insufficient ‘climate capacity’ in the financial community

Our efforts are focuses on three strategic pillars:

Pathways: We establish science-aligned frameworks, methodologies, and standards so that financial decision making can be aligned to climate goals.
Analysis: We make analysis of corporate climate transition available and accessible to decision makers.
Capacity: We equip the climate community, in all regions critical to the transition, with essential partnerships, tools, knowledge and skills.


Following a comprehensive recruitment and selection process for the Chair and having established a new corporation in the United States, Climate Arc (Arc) is now establishing its inaugural Board of Directors.

The Board will consist of a geographical and sectorally diverse group and incorporate extensive knowledge and experience in the space we are working in, namely the world of finance, as well as the areas of philanthropy, climate science and data/tech.

Board skills and expertise

The Board will consist of a geographical and sectorally diverse group and incorporate extensive knowledge and experience in the space we are working in, namely the world of finance both private and climate related, as well as the areas of philanthropy and impact investing, climate science and data/tech. In addition Arc also look to individuals who have knowledge and experience in organizational development – particularly for startups, best practice governance and foundational legal and compliance and business acumen.

Roles and Responsibilities

Board members will:

- Act at all times with honor and integrity and uphold the values of Arc
- Provide strategic leadership to Arc in collaboration with the Chief Executive (CE) and the Chair
- Provide input into; review and approve Arc’s strategic plans consistent with the vision and agree business plans, including operating budgets
- Promote and connect Arc to potential and existing funders, stakeholders, and partners
- Ensure that Arc is compliant with all legal, financial, reporting, and other requirements through a framework of policies and reporting arrangements
- Consider organizational risks and take action or delegate as necessary to mitigate those risks
- Delegate decisions to CE and provide approvals as per the Delegation of Authority
- Represent Arc at public speaking engagements and events
- Appoint the Chair
- Recommend potential members to join Arc’s Panel of Experts

Time commitment

Arc is a new organization with huge ambition and the Board will be instrumental in its success. Climate Arc Board members must be able and willing to commit their time and expert knowledge to advancing that ambition. This includes but is not limited to a minimum of four (4) meetings per year and email-based responses for Board-level decision making as well as attendance at special meetings if and when required.

At times Board members may be asked to attend high level speaking engagements or events where a Board member’s particular area of expertise is particularly pertinent.

Arc will reimburse Board members for all related reasonable expenses.

Appointment and term

The Board will assume its responsibilities upon the appointment of three (3) members including the Chair. Once fully established, Arc will, at all times, have no less than three (3) and no more than nine (9) regular sitting Board members.

Recruitment will be supported by Arc’s Leadership and People & Culture Teams along with external agencies as required. Interviews will be conducted by the CE and Chair along with additional Standing Committee members as required. Appointment will be subject to appropriate reference and background checks.

The inaugural Board will be appointed for a 3-year term. At the conclusion of this 3-year term, Board members may elect to remain for an additional term. Board members will not be able to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. Their service may be retained on a mutually agreed basis as part of an alumni group of advisors or transfer to the Panel of Experts.

Arc’s CE will have a standing position on the Board which may be expanded to include other Leadership Team members.


Arc’s Board will consist of world renowned and recognized experts in their field; therefore it is appropriate they be properly remunerated for their time and efforts in guiding Arc and supporting its mission. Arc will conduct an annual remuneration review to identify fair rate for Board members.
Arc will reimburse all meeting and event-related expenses in addition to and separate from the abovementioned remuneration.


Korn Ferry shall provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified candidates, and will refer candidates without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected basis.