General Manager / Vice President

Req Number: KS249
Location: Houston Texas
Posted: 3/30/2021
Category: Industrial : Aviation/Aerospace/Defense
Job Type: Permanent

The Vice President and General Manager will be responsible for all aspects of the commercial, operational, and financial growth and performance of the business, which is comprised of product lines/revenues streams generating approximately $40 million in annual revenues. In this respect, he/she is responsible for leading the development, approval, and execution of the segment's overall strategy and business plan.

The Vice President and General Manager must be a performance-oriented executive who can lead the business through a period of significant growth and transformation. To this end, he/she must be capable of translating those relationships in the broader NASA, DoD, and Commercial Space Ecosystems into growth opportunities. He/she should also be operationally focused, managing the day-to-day operations of businesses under his/her direction through a team of seasoned leaders.

The Vice President and General Manager will lead, establish, develop, and reinforce the company's organizational culture, as well as adherence to the company’s mission and values. Therefore, he/she should be a visible and omnipresent leader in the organization, engaging in an active and ongoing program of liaison with internal operational and functional leaders, key customers, suppliers, and partners.

Specific responsibilities include:

 Provide effective and ongoing leadership in developing and refining the business strategy supporting the business objectives.

 Assess the company's current market segmentation strategy and determine if this is optimal to enhance margin performance and long-term growth. If changes need to be made, define where gaps exist and if these gaps are best addressed through product development, M&A etc. Additionally, shift the organization away from engineering and manufacturing components to becoming a systems integrator and primary systems program manager.

 Directs, through subordinate supervision, all aspects of the business; and is accountable for the overall business performance.

 Establishes and implements short and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures and ensures company standards are maintained.

 Oversee customer-facing activities and ensure relationships with current (NASA) and future customers (DoD & Commercial Space) are established and maintained.

 Serves as a visible leader of the business; encourage and support talent assessment and developmental opportunities to support the company growth; model the company's values.

 Oversee the organization's financial status; set financial priorities accurately to ensure the organization is operating in a manner that supports the needs of the business and its staff.

 Maintain current knowledge of market developments, competitive issues, changes in customer relationships, and related business developments.

 Be the face and represent the segment to effectively communicate and liaise with customers, partners, investors, government authorities, and other key stakeholders.

 Bring the business to the next level in terms of its evolution through substantial and sustained growth, while growing the relationship with NASA, he/she needs to ensure business growth with the DoD and Commercial Space organizations.

 Ensuring that the company continues to attract, retain, and develop a high level of talent with the right skills, experience, knowledge, and performance levels.


Strategic Planning

Creates break-through strategies and plans; applies visionary thinking to shape strategy. Sets a clear vision; foresees obstacles and opportunities. Develops strategies to achieve competitive advantage; aligns organization to support strategic priorities. Considers global impact; anticipates future consequences and trends; displays broad knowledge and perspective.

Effective Execution

Assigns clear authority and accountability; directs change while maintaining operating effectiveness; integrates and aligns efforts across units and functions: monitors results; tackles problems directly and with a sense of urgency. Sets and pursues aggressive goals; drives for results; demonstrate a strong commitment to organizational success; works to do what is best for all stakeholders (Customers, Shareholders, Employees).

Accepting Responsibility

Willingly accepts responsibility for achievement of goals; supports and encourages others to take on challenging assignments; accepts responsibility for decisions; actively contributes useful input into decisions others make; voluntarily takes ownership of a project when in the organization's best interest; takes responsibility for mistakes.

Critical Thinking Skills

Uses thinking that is objective, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence. Takes critical information into account when making decisions. Uses sound judgment when addressing complex issues. Breaks down complex tasks into manageable parts in a systematic way. Thinks of multiple possible causes and anticipates the consequences of situations. Generates multiple scenarios or alternatives and accurately assesses the costs, benefits, and risks associated with various alternative courses of action. Considers sensitivities, assumptions, convictions, and business outcomes in the decision-making process. Uses proven, effective and systematic processes and tools. Doesn't lose sight of the big picture when making a particular decision.

Strategic Communication

Able to promote the free flow of information, ideas, and opinions throughout the organization (upward, downward, and across); deliver high-impact presentations; and maintain credibility and poise. Ensures the message intended is the message received. Able to foster open dialogue and demonstrate high-impact delivery of presentations. Listens actively and hears others out; influences others; interact comfortably with a wide variety of stakeholders; communicates clearly and succinctly using a variety of media.


 Ten (10) years progressive experience in general, program, and/or engineering management and an understanding of the general Space industry with specific relationships with NASA and the Air Force / DoD

 Five (5) years in a Senior Executive Management position, ideally with strong demonstrated experience in customer-facing capacities.

 Strong general business acumen; excellent understanding of industry, financial risk assessment/management, P&L, and budgeting.

 A natural communicator and influencer, using such strengths in often difficult and complex situations with strong empathy for customers.

 Executive presence, respect, and credibility to interact effectively with key customers and build customer networks by developing and maintaining positive and effective working relationships with current and new customers.

 Successful track record in managing high growth environments (revenue and margin).

 Driven, assertive, and transformational executive with excellent leadership skills; track record in hiring, managing, and motivating high-performance teams.

 An authentic and believable leader who communicates with conviction and humility and is able to engender trust throughout an organization.

 An understanding of the concept of emotional intelligence; able to create a supportive and tolerant work environment.

 Considerable experience leading change initiatives across an organization.

 Strong self-starter with excellent time and project management skills.


 An undergraduate degree in business, engineering, finance, or another relevant area from a well-respected school.

 A graduate degree, such as a Master of Business Administration or Master of Engineering, and advanced executive leadership courses highly desirable.


A highly competitive executive-level compensation program will be provided to the successful candidate, including base salary, performance-based incentive bonus, long-term equity, and additional executive-level benefits.